About us

The Eliot Oral History Project is an effort by Eliot residents to record stories of the neighborhood’s past, and to grow diverse, meaningful relationships within our community.

In 2009 residents of the Eliot Neighborhood were inspired to begin recording the stories of their neighborhood. The community has a rich cultural background, from the jazz clubs of Williams Avenue to the breakfast programs served by the Black Panther Party. The following year, thanks to a grant from the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, six youth from Boise Eliot School teamed up with neighbors Laurie Simpson and Arlie Sommer to interview elders from the community.

Students prepared for each interview by researching the neighborhood’s history and learning interviewing techniques. Every person that was interviewed recommended more wonderful storytellers and the project has continued to interview residents with the help of Port City Development Center, the Ivy School, and numerous other neighborhood entities.

We hope that you too will be inspired to reach out to your neighbor and listen to their stories.

Story Tellers

  • Joe Nunn
  • Leslie Unthank
  • O.B. Hill
  • Kent Ford
  • Percy Hampton
  • Laafyette Keaton
  • Lawrence Morrell
  • Bishop William Pollard
  • Clifford Walker
  • E. Malcom Slaughter
  • Sylvia Montgomery
  • Sonja Brooks
  • Robert Grizzell
  • Angelos Lampus
  • Elena Wilson
  • Greg Brown
  • Herman Colas
  • Ken Berry
  • Schawna Tanner
  • Jerome Cox Tanner
  • Lee Perlman
  • Mike Warwick
  • Fran Washburn-Rydman
  • Melvin Lloys Rydman
  • Richard Brown
  • Danny Bell
  • Dennis Payne
  • Mary Overstreet-Smith
  • Walter Cole
  • Roxy LeRoy Neuhardt
  • Donna Maxey-Easter
  • Johnnie Maxey
  • Gahlena Avidan
  • Kay Newell
  • Beatrice Gilmore
  • Layeta Gilmore Jones
  • Joanne Gargano
  • Marjorie Anne Carr
  • Mike Lyons